Transformative Treaments for Non-Surgical Enhancement

At Amor Propio, we believe that achieving your desired look doesn’t always require surgery. That’s why Dr. Ali Abtahi offers a range of non-surgical treatments, including Botox® and dermal fillers, to help our patients rejuvenate their skin and achieve a youthful, natural appearance. Additionally, our expert team specializes in Qwo cellulite treatment, urgent acne treatment, spider vein treatment, and tattoo removal.

Qwo Cellulite Treatment

Urgent Acne Treatment | Pre-Event Facial

Spider Vein | Varicose Vein Treatment

Tattoo Removal

Wow, I just can't find words to describe the difference of my body. It looks amazing! Now I can wear crop tops with confidence. Great job Dr. Abtahi.

Dr. Abtahi is the absolute truth. I loved every bit of my experience with him. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars.

Dr. Abtahi is truly amazing at what he does. He really makes the patient feel cared for & considers the health and wellbeing.

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Patients in the Dallas area choose Dr. Abtahi as their cosmetic surgeon because of his personal and caring approach and his beautifully customized and natural-looking results. Call us at (469) 293-2533 or reach us online today.