Procedures For Men

Men’s cosmetic needs are unique and diverse, and we offer specialized treatments to help them achieve their desired look. Dr. Ali Abtahi provides tailored solutions for men, such as gynecomastia surgery and hi-definition or small area liposuction, to help them attain the masculine physique they desire. Additionally, Dr. Abtahi specializes in rhinoplasty and jawline contouring to ensure that our male patients feel confident and powerful.

Surgery After Weightloss

Jawline Contouring | Chin Implants

Hairline Restoration | Hairline Lowering

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Patients in the Plano area choose Dr. Abtahi as their cosmetic surgeon because of his personal and caring approach and his beautifully customized and natural-looking results. Call us at (469) 293-2533 or reach us online today.