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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures with millions of women choosing to undergo this surgery to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. In the USA alone, there are over 200,000 breast augmentations performed each year. However, there are also many reasons for patients to want to remove their breast implants. These reasons may include complications or dissatisfaction with the initial results, no longer desiring the aesthetic of breast implants, or replacing older implants with newer or updated materials. As breast implants are not intended as lifelong medical devices, they do need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, as recommended by plastic surgeons.

Between 20-35% of patients who choose breast augmentation via implants will opt for breast revision or breast implant removal at a later stage, whether to replace the implants or remove them altogether. Deciding to remove breast implants is an empowering life choice, one that can make a significant difference to a patient’s appearance and well-being. 

The gravity of this life decision is why Dr. Ali Abtahi takes an exceptionally personalized approach for each of his breast revision patients. When patients choose Dr. Abtahi as their breast revision or implant removal surgeon, they receive not only an exceptionally well-trained, experienced, and qualified professional but also a mentor along their aesthetic journey.  To Dr. Abtahi, breast revisions and implant removals are a way to help patients lead the best life they can. He recognizes his role as a surgeon and human being is to help patients obtain an optimum level of health, which includes looking and feeling better about themselves. 

Learn more about breast revision and implant removal surgery by reading on or scheduling a consultation with Dr. Abtahi today. We are located in Plano, TX, and proudly serve patients visiting from Highland Park, Fort Worth, Southlake, Aledo, Dallas, Keller, Frisco, Grapevine, Colleyville, Arlington, and other nearby areas.

What is Breast Revision/Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast revision surgery is a surgical procedure done to correct or improve the results of a previous breast augmentation, replace older implants, or remove implants. 

This procedure might involve removing or replacing the original breast implants, reshaping the breast tissue, or adjusting the size or position of the implants. In breast revision surgery, the process typically differs in patient motivation and goals than other breast procedures, including breast lift or breast augmentation

Some common reasons for breast revision and implant exchange surgery include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the initial results (such as implant size, shape, or position)
  • Breast implant complications, such as implant rupture, leakage, or deflation
  • Capsular contracture treatment (scar tissue formation around the implant causing firmness and discomfort)
  • Implant displacement
  • Changes in breast appearance caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations
  • No longer desire the appearances of breast implants
  • Lifestyle changes are no longer conducive to larger breasts

Breast implant exchange is a specific type of breast revision surgery that involves removing the existing implants and replacing them with new ones. This can be performed to address complications, improve the appearance of the breasts, or change the size or type of implant used.

Breast implant replacement surgery is a more complex procedure than initial breast augmentation, as the tissue and musculature can change in unpredictable ways. This is why choosing a highly experienced and specialized surgeon to perform breast implant exchange is essential.   

What are the Basic Steps Involved in Dr. Abtahi’s Breast Revision and Implant Exchange Surgeries?

Dr. Abtahi takes a highly personalized approach to breast revision and breast implant exchange surgery, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care and results. 

While each procedure will vary depending on the individual patient’s needs, there are several fundamental steps in Dr. Abtahi’s process that help optimize results and the patient’s experience.

Dr. Abtahi begins with an in-depth consultation to discuss the patient’s concerns, goals, and expectations. Importantly, the patient’s motivations for wanting breast revision surgery are discussed at length, which will help both Dr. Abtahi and the patient align their expectations for the procedure.

Based on the consultation, Dr. Abtahi develops a customized surgical plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes. This may involve selecting the appropriate implant size, shape, and type, as well as determining the best surgical techniques to use.

*As a side note, a helpful exercise for patients considering breast implant exchange and looking to increase their size is the rice test. This is where patients create at-home “implants” using stockings and rice. Simply fill up the foot section of an old stocking with rice, tie it off, cut it, and asses the size. This is very helpful in visualizing different implant sizes in the comfort of the patient’s home. The patient can then bring their “rice implant” to their consultation with Dr. Abtahi, where they can select an appropriately sized implant. 

Breast revision and implant exchange procedures are performed under general anesthesia. 

Once the patient is under sedation, Dr. Abtahi carefully re-opens the breast tissue, normally along the original scar lines to minimize further scarring. He then carefully removes the existing implants, assesses the breast tissue, and makes any necessary adjustments (e.g., releasing scar tissue, repositioning the implant pocket) before placing the new implants.

After surgery, patients will be given detailed post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. This includes managing pain with medications, avoiding strenuous activities for several weeks, and keeping incisions clean and dry. Dr. Abtahi is always available for his patients during the recovery phase should they have any questions or concerns.

Dr. Abtahi smiling with his arms crossed

Meet Ali R. Abtahi, DO MSc

Dr. Ali R. Abtahi, DO MSc is a highly skilled surgeon with extensive training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Comprehensive Aesthetic Surgery, and General Surgery. Through his artistic vision and sincere passion for plastic surgery of the utmost quality, Dr. Abtahi is dedicated to delivering an elite, personalized experience.

Choosing the Right Surgeon For Breast Revision/Breast Implant Exchange

While there are many reasons to choose breast augmentation, there are just as many reasons to select breast revision or implant exchange. Whether the patient is dissatisfied with their initial results, experiences a ruptured or failed implant, no longer wishes to have implants, or wants to change the size or shape of their implant, choosing the correct surgeon is the first step in accomplishing their aesthetic goals. 

It is absolutely imperative that patients choose a specialist surgeon with extensive experience in breast revision. Choosing someone who is board-certified, can provide testimonials, before-and-after photos and reviews, and has an immaculate office and bedside manner are all essential considerations. 

Importantly, patients should also choose a surgeon with whom they feel comfortable discussing their past mistakes and future dreams. This will make the entire process far more enjoyable and satisfying. 

What Patients Must Understand Before Committing to Breast Revision or Breast Implant Exchange

Because the motivation for opting for breast revision and implant exchange is different to breast augmentation, patients must approach the procedure with a different understanding of several elements. 

Emotional Impact

Choosing breast implant exchange surgery can be an emotionally challenging experience for some patients, no matter whether they are replacing old implants or removing the breast implants altogether. It is essential to have a strong support system in place and be prepared for the emotional ups and downs associated with the surgery and recovery process. An experienced, empathetic surgeon will also make a huge difference during this time. 

Realistic Expectations

It’s essential that patients have realistic expectations about the outcomes of breast revision and implant exchange surgery. When done by the correct surgeon, breast implant exchange can make significant improvements to the breast appearance, whether replacing or removing the implant. However, while Dr. Abtahi always strives to achieve the best possible results, factors such as individual anatomy, healing response, and lifestyle can influence the final outcome. It is crucial to discuss patient goals and expectations with Dr. Abtahi during the consultation to ensure they align with what can be realistically achieved.


The cost of breast revision and implant exchange surgery can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, the cost of new implants, and the surgeon’s fees. Patients must discuss the costs upfront with Dr. Abtahi and understand that insurance may not cover the procedure if it is deemed cosmetic rather than medically necessary.

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