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Liposuction | Small-Area Liposuction in Dallas & Plano

With over 210,000 annual procedures, liposuction is one of America’s top 5 cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction is a highly effective way for patients to reduce fatty tissue, particularly in their abdomen, lower back, upper arms, buttocks, and thighs, resulting in a shapely, more contoured physique.  However, liposuction can be used for different purposes, and in some instances, a variation of liposuction called small area liposuction is better suited to a patient’s needs and aesthetic goals. Choosing the correct liposuction surgeon is essential, so each patient can achieve the results they desire. 

When choosing Dr. Ali Abtahi as a liposuction surgeon, patients get a highly trained and respected professional who also becomes a guide for the entire plastic surgery journey. To Dr. Abtahi, plastic surgery is a tool that helps patients achieve and lead a generally healthy life. He recognizes his role as a surgeon and human being is to help patients obtain an optimum level of health, which includes looking and feeling better about themselves.

Learn more about liposuction and small area liposuction by reading on or scheduling a consultation with Dr. Abtahi today. We are located in Plano, TX, and proudly serve patients visiting from Highland Park, Fort Worth, Southlake, Aledo, Dallas, Keller, Frisco, Grapevine, Colleyville, Arlington, and other nearby areas.

What Is Liposuction?

While both procedures involve the removal of fatty tissue from certain areas of the body, there are several key differences between liposuction and small-area liposuction. 


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes undesired excess fat from specific areas of the body. These areas tend to be larger, more general regions, such as “the lower abdomen,” “lower back,” or “buttocks.” During the procedure, Dr. Abtahi makes small incisions in the targeted region, through which a thin, hollow tube called a cannula is inserted to suction out excess fat cells.

Small-Area Liposuction

Small-area liposuction is a variation of traditional liposuction used to target smaller areas of the body. It’s designed to remove smaller amounts of fat and is typically used on areas such as the chin, neck, upper arms, or knees.

What Are Some Common Reasons a Person Might Want Liposuction or Small-Area Liposuction?

As one of America’s top 5 cosmetic procedures, liposuction is very popular and helpful in enabling patients to achieve their aesthetic and physical goals. While each patient’s requirements are unique, there are many overlapping general reasons why people consider liposuction. These include:

Some parts of the body act as natural fat stores and are notoriously difficult to lose fat. For most people, these include the thighs, hips, or abdomen. Liposuction can help to target these areas and remove excess fat that can prove resistant to dieting and exercise.

Patients who desire a more defined, contoured body often consider liposuction. The procedure helps create a more balanced and proportionate body outline by removing excess fat from specific areas, improving self-esteem and confidence.

Some people may have excess skin or fat remaining after significant weight loss. Liposuction can help to remove this excess fat to create a more toned appearance and can be combined with another procedure to address loose skin. A tummy tuck, for example, produces optimal results by removing excess fat and loose skin.

Men with gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue, may consider liposuction to help reduce the appearance of the breasts.

In some cases, liposuction may be recommended for health reasons, such as to reduce the risk of certain medical conditions associated with excess fat. It’s important to note that liposuction is rarely prescribed as a medical treatment for fat loss. Rather it should be viewed as an aesthetic procedure that can help patients get closer to their desired physique.

Patients tend to consider small-area liposuction for similar reasons as listed above, just on a more localized, smaller scale. Small-area liposuction helps patients remove fatty tissue from more specific, hard-to-exercise, smaller areas of the body, such as the knees, upper arms, or under the chin.

Liposuction Consultation

 The first step in Dr. Abtahi’s liposuction procedure is a consultation to discuss the patient’s goals, medical history, and individual anatomy. Dr. Abtahi will work with the patient to create a personalized treatment plan based on their needs.

Dr. Ali R. Abtahi of Amor Propio Aesthetic Surgery in dark suit

Meet Ali R. Abtahi, DO MSc

Dr. Ali R. Abtahi, DO MSc is a highly skilled surgeon with extensive training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Comprehensive Aesthetic Surgery, and General Surgery. Through his artistic vision and sincere passion for plastic surgery of the utmost quality, Dr. Abtahi is dedicated to delivering an elite, personalized experience.

Choosing the Right Liposuction Surgeon

Choosing the right liposuction surgeon is the most crucial decision each patient can make in their liposuction journey. Far more than just choosing a surgeon based on their cost, selecting the right plastic surgeon for a liposuction treatment can impact patient safety, satisfaction with the results, and overall experience with the procedure. 

Dr. Abtahi strongly recommends consulting with multiple surgeons before committing to one surgeon. Things to consider include:

  • Certification and Affiliation: Is the surgeon board-certified? Does the surgeon have other affiliations with research laboratories or universities? Do they contribute to medical research in the field?
  • The surgeon’s experience, including how long they have been practicing or specializing in liposuction
  • Their before and after photos and past patient testimonials help patients understand the results they may expect and the quality of the surgeon’s work
  • A personal connection with the surgeon is an often overlooked but nonetheless a vital component of choosing the right surgeon

What Are the Basic Steps Involved in Dr. Abtahi’s Liposuction Procedure?

Dr. Abtahi’s liposuction and small-area liposuction procedures might vary depending on each patient’s needs and goals; however, both procedures follow similar steps. These include:

  • Anesthesia: Liposuction is typically performed under general anesthesia, meaning the patient will be asleep during the procedure. Dr. Abtahi may also choose tumescent anesthesia, which involves injecting a solution of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine into the targeted area that helps numb the region and reduces bleeding.
  • Incision: Dr. Abtahi will make small incisions in the targeted area, typically less than half an inch in length. The location and number of incisions will depend on the treated area and the specific technique used.
  • Cannula Insertion and Fat Removal: Dr. Abtahi will use a thin, hollow tube called a cannula to suction excess fat cells. The cannula is inserted through the incisions and is moved back and forth to break up the fat cells and suction them out of the body.

What Should Patients Understand Before Deciding Between Liposuction or Small Area Liposuction?

The most distinguishing factor to consider between liposuction or small-area liposuction is the particular area the patient wishes to treat. Liposuction will likely be a better choice if it’s a larger, more general area. However, small-area liposuction will probably be more suitable if it’s a smaller, more localized region. 

The best way for patients to determine whether they should choose liposuction or small-area liposuction is via consultation with Dr. Abtahi to help them visualize their goals and align their expectations for the procedure.

Liposuction Recovery

After the procedure, patients must wear compression garments to help reduce swelling and support the healing process. Dr. Abtahi will provide instructions for post-operative care and follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process and address any concerns.

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A liposuction consultation will involve a detailed discussion with Dr. Ali Abtahi, one of Dallas’s best liposuction surgeons. During the consultation, Dr. Abtahi will identify each patient’s aesthetic goals and reasons for wanting liposuction or small-area liposuction and formulate a plan to achieve these goals. This consultation process allows Dr. Abtahi to recommend the best and safest approach to help each patient accomplish their goals. He also explains what to expect at each stage of the process. Dr. Abtahi is committed to helping each patient with their plastic surgery and overall health journey.

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